Monday, 10 November 2008

A little spark required

Over the past few weeks, things have been a little up and down. One great success: finding a charity to raise funds through has been counter-balanced by the weight of the task at hand. Its a little daunting chipping away but after a month, with not much to show for it. I was hoping that the bike ride itself would help me focus and get some passion flowing back through my veins (a little lacking of late) but it seems like I'm going to have to make that transition a lot earlier if I'm even going to make it as far as the start line. On a positive note, meeting Caroline McFarlan of the charity Kids Charities was a real blessing. We have provisionally agreed that I will raise funds as an appeal for Kids Charities – allowing me to collect gift aid as well as benefitting from Caroline’s contacts and experience, as a long-term devotee of fundraising. Over the next few days, a good friend of mine Ken has offered to help get the first phase of the Better Life Cycle website launched. He’s actually taken time off work just to help me out – what a star! Not only do I benefit from his programming guru skills but the motivational kick up the arse couldn’t have come at a better time. In fact so many people have been really helpful – Lisa for introducing me to Caroline, and finding a contact for an orphanage in SA, Dorthe for telling me about the invaluable Explore conference coming up for expedition planning, and Nikki for introductions to multiple contacts volunteering across Africa. With a little help from my friends I’ll get there – thank you all. Now it’s time to get cracking and get this site launched!