Thursday, 4 December 2008

Fundraising success: taking tips from Obama

Its been another incredible week; with lots of positive support flooding in and better still the first corporate sponsor - Celerant Consulting - where I work! This may seem like an easy win but trust me, I had to work for it! Nevertheless £3,500 and a raft of additional publicity is now assured! For the past few years Celerant have donated a generous sum to the most popular charities voted for by employees. There is a designated list of worthy and recognisable charities, and vitally this year the option to nominate a charity. On seeing this my eyes widened! After an initial tour of the office and group email - I was looking less likely than the Lib Dems to secure the popular vote. Ticking a box is much easier than typing in a name - this was going to be harder than I thought! One day to go: 40 votes behind the leading nomination. I ended up sending more personalised emails and phone calls on the final day than most people would in a month. Fingers of fury, flying over the keyboard and delving into the address book, doing my best to secure one of the top two most lucrative spots. The tide seemed to be turning! After a butt clenching extension, the results we finalised & I'd done it - not without the considerable assistance of my supportive colleagues. The first official funds secured - 3.5% of the total - chuffed hardly covers it - I was, and am still ecstatic! What a success! I felt like I'd learned a few lessons from Obama: don't be complacent, set out a vision, make it easy to respond, personalise an emotive message and keep campaigning right to the last!