Monday, 12 January 2009

New Year's Revolution

Happy New Year. The last month has seen enough over-sized portions and refills of the glass to last for two Christmases... which it will have to as this time next year I intend to be crossing the Sahara! The result of all the guzzling is that I have done about half what I had hoped over the last month or so. So with a fresh calendar comes a renewed purpose, to get back on the bike and get this show on the road! In between duvet-covered mornings progress has been made on a number of fronts; getting a decent corporate sponsorship overview produced; setting out a fairly rigorous plan of action; reading the essential 'Adventure Cycle Touring Handbook' by Stephen Lord in addition to Al Humphries': Mood of Future Joys about the London to Cape Town leg of his round-the-world cycling adventure; and laying the foundations for the website proper. One new idea bestowed on me by Rob (my best friend of 25 years) is to hold a big fundraising event six weeks or so prior to setting off. Hopefully with his connections in the entertainment industry and a little help from our friends, we should be able to capitalise on the immediacy of departure and the conviviality provided by a well-stocked bar. Requests for donations to the charity auction will soon follow. Fortunately I have also had a revitalising week away in Fuerteventura, surfing, not cycling. The weather was mercifully accommodating with sun beaming down most days, although a little too windy for good surf; I should have guessed from the name of the island literally translated as strong winds. Right time to burn some of those calories now; off to the gym and new regime to build up the strength and endurance to get me to Sudan for Christmas.