Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Time's a tickin'

My feet have barely touched the ground in the past few weeks. Picking up my new bike; launching the website proper; running the Paris marathon and bringing the plans together for the '£100k in a day' fundraising spectacular. (Workin' it!) I've even registered for a World Record. It is now less than two months til I set off. Preparation has moved into hyperspeed, and I've got nervous excitement pumping through my veins. Plans for the ride itself are much as they were; loose but enough to get by on - the real change has been the launch of the fundraising campaign. Here's a sneak peak at the plan: '£100k in a day' In one month on Friday 26th June, the goal is to raise £100,000 in one day, for the orphanages I'm visiting on my way through Africa. We’re trying to contact as many people as possible on the day, using email, Facebook, Twitter, phone, radio, TV… the full shebang. There’s a lot planned: a World Record attempt, a big charity auction, and a party at The Club Bar and Dining in Soho – and the whole day will be streamed live online. No small feat to pull that lot off but with the help of friends and kind-hearted folks I'm optimisitic we can make it a success. If you can help out or want to come to the party please get in touch or become a fan of the Better Life Cycle on Facebook. No Pain No Gain The physical side of preparation has moved out of the gym and on to the road. I ran my first marathon in Paris, with two good friends Ken and Mich - a bloody knackering experience but a memorable one. I've also been racking up the miles on my new Thorn Raven Nomad. The new bike is solid and rides like a dream, even with an extra 30kgs of weight on board - it runs about 20-30% slower than my racer but all things considered that's pretty good. What's next? This week I hope to get a PR plan together with helpful friends Maddy and Alex - as well as circulating the message and plans of how to help with the '£100k in a Day' challenge. The weekend will be painful. I'm taking part in the ROPARUN the world's longest non-stop relay from Paris to Rotterdam - I'll have to cycle for 24-30 hours in two days... my tough leather seat will really get a chance to wear my ass in! Wish me luck!