Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The final countdown

Less than one month to go before the big off. Plans are taking shape: I've been in touch with the orphanages, agreed times to meet people in foreign lands and drawn up a lot of lists - my heart is definitely beating faster!

A month has passed since the '£100k in a day' fundraiser; it’s gone in a flash! After the exhaustion and exhilaration of the event had subsided – I was still stunned at the how incredible the day was and how equally lucky I was to have so many good friends; just look at them all! These faces and everyone else who contributed - most likely you too - thank you.

My intended agenda would have had me setting off prematurely; so I decided to give myself another few weeks. Most who know me know I’m not in a rush to hurry things. August 22nd it will be, as the dates to meet up with Vivi in Italy, Sam and Eve in Croatia, and Rob in Jordan – are now locked in; very exciting!

Above all else the extra time has allowed me to give the arrangements for content and delivery of the Educaid boxes, it’s the most important thing to me to get right.

Nevertheless the next four weeks will be challenging - having never done anything like this before, things I anticipate will take a few hours can end up taking days. A lesson in preparation for me. I will get there.

The big task right now is to source and procure all the elements for the boxes... as well as the equipment I need too! I say procure because ideally I don’t want to buy. I’m hoping you and others will take a look at the equipment the orphanages need and help us to procure it as cheaply as possible, or free.

Please give me a hand -you can help us make the most of the funds we’re raised:

  • Look at this list of things we need to improve the kids lives
  • Send this email to a few friends or companies that may be able to help
  • Enjoy the feel good factor, you've just really helped out

Please try, send just a couple of mails. 10 minutes & you’ll feel good inside about it, I guarantee it.

Out of left-field, something about this song I have to share with you: Pedir o Axe - Mestre Acordeon – a capoeria song I’m deeply enjoying right now.

So it’s four weeks today, better get a move on… good luck with the emails ;)