Saturday, 22 August 2009

The last hours before the off

The countdown is drawing ever closer to zero, there is just 6 hours to go before the off. The pipe dream is about to become a reality and it feels fantastic – I’ve achieved a lot just to get here. Now the fun, pain, joy, loneliness, and adventure begin.

I’ve had been in a state of calm for the past two weeks, neither excited or anxious just feeling mentally ready to go. Materially I was still a pole short of the proverbial tent. Equipment sponsors hadn’t turned up with much although I must thank Strada for the odometer and Bradt travel guides for the essential Africa Overland travel book.

However other folks have been very generous:

  • Sumitomo Chemical – have agreed to provide 300 mossie nets free for the orphanages – thanks in particular to Adam
  • Red Inc – another Adam and more good vibes we’re hoping that this ethics and responsibility first business will come up trumps on the drawing/writing materials for the Educaid boxes
  • Andrology Solutions – a male fertility clinic have sponsored £300 and frozen my sperm free for 2 years. I hope we can help promote awareness of the impact of prolonged hours in the saddle

The fundraising and Educaid boxes looking good I now had to get a wiggle on to buy the kit I’d need for the big adventure. I spent up a bit of a storm, in retrospect I may have got a little carried away with new gear but having been so frugal with my cash for so long, it didn’t feel too bad having the materialistic monkey on my back for a while.

The kit has now all arrived and been carefully stowed away and the excitement is bubbling through my veins.

The extra few weeks postponing the start has really worked out well and given me a chance to spend some quality time with my family and friends. I was particularly chuffed with the notes, ode, poems and dirty ditties arranged by Rob that so many people contributed to.

Now it’s time to bid you adieu as I’m off in just a few hours time. This time tomorrow I’ll be in Canterbury, in my tent and 1/300th of the way to Cape Town – I can’t wait!